Optimisation Research Group (ORG) Noteworthy Publications

Published on March 9, 2015

ORG PhD student Karsten Lehmann, together with Alban Grastien, and Pascal Van Hentenryck had their paper “AC-Feasibility on Tree Networks is NP-Hard” accepted in the IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. It closes a fundamental open problem in power systems that had been intensively studied in the last five years.

ORG PhD student, Boon Ping Lim and Menkes van den Briel, Sylvie Thiebaux and collaborators Scott Bacchaus and Russell Bent from Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) presented an interesting paper “HVAC-Aware Occupancy Scheduling” at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence’s annual conference in Texas. This paper combines automated room booking and scheduling with occupancy-based control of HVAC systems (Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) to save energy in university, government, and commercial buildings.

ORG’s Manuel Cebrian and collaborators Lijun Sun, Jian Gang Jin, Kay W Axhausen, and Der-Horng Lee had their paper “Quantifying long-term evolution of intra-urban spatial interactions” published in the Journal of The Royal Society Interface (this journal is ranked 5th out of 56 in Multidisciplinary Sciences for Impact Factor).

ORG’s Yury Kryvasheyeu, Haohui (Caron) Chen, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Manuel Cebrian and collaborator Esteban Moro, published  “Performance of social network sensors during Hurricane Sandy” in the prestigious PloS ONE journal.  This paper also had a write up in The Conversation “Popular friends on social media can help save you from disaster”.