IEEE DeepVision: Deep Learning in Computer Vision Workshop with CVPR 2015

Published on June 30, 2015


Record number of attendees!

We organized the DeepVision: Deep Learning in Computer Vision Workshop at CVPR 2015, Boston, MA, USA. The workshop had a record number of attendees (300+) of many had to sit on the floor and squeeze any opening at the back of the large conference room. Due to the overcrowd, precautions were taken by the Boston Police to protect exit ways and fire extinguishers.

Organizers: Jose Alvarez, Yann LeCun, Yi Li and Fatih Porikli

The goal of the DeepVision Workshop is to accelerate the study of deep learning algorithms in computer vision problems. With the increase of acceleration of digital photography and the advances in storage devices over the last decade, we have seen explosive growth in the available amount of visual data and equally explosive growth in the computational capacities for image understanding. Instead of hand crafting features, recent advancement in deep learning suggests an emerging approach to extracting useful representations for many computer vision tasks. We encourage researchers to formulate innovative learning theories, feature representations, and end-to-end vision systems based on deep learning. We also encourage new theories and processes for dealing with large scale image datasets through deep learning architectures.

For more details visit workshop website