Congratulations to the 2014 Impact Awards Winners

Published on February 26, 2015

Fang and team receivng iMPACT award

Congratulations to the 2014 Impact Awards Winners! Wealth Creation- Water Pipes, ITL, Fang Chen, Carly Perry, Yang Wang, Zhidong Li, Bin Li, Bang Zhang, Ronnie Taib, Yi Wang
This team is truly impressive in its diligence, professionalism, client focus, passion to bring fundamental new science to create wealth for Australia, take that capability to international markets and develop capabilities to spin out. The team has been working with Sydney Water since 2012; in December 2014 the Chair & CEO of Sydney Water Corporation told the NSW Premier that NICTA had created $200M value for the Corporation. This has been through developing new techniques that allow Sydney Water to predict which pipes are likely to fail, informing a preventative maintenance program. Given the depth of customer engagement and breadth of impact within the sector, NICTA is now sought out as a speaker and active participant in global water research forums. Without question this team embodies all of NICTA’s core values – deep research, wealth creation, strong team work and entrepreneurialism.