Congratulations to our 2015 National iAwards Winners

Published on August 31, 2015

Congratulations to COVIU® for taking home the iAward for the Regional Inclusion & Community category! COVIU® is an emerging start-up company specialising in developing an innovative digital service delivery platform underpinned by extensive WebRTC research and high level User Experience design.  It is an integral solution in delivering government, health and education services by connecting people in remote areas to richer, face-to-face, online interactions possible in remote areas.

And a big congrats to Daniel Parker, whose VibroMat has brought home the Merit award for the Undergraduate Tertiary category. VibroMat is a breakthrough tactile vibration sensory substitution device that helps the visually impaired perceive the visual world. The mat has 96 pager motors, which are each capable of vibrating at independent intensities. Sensory substitution devices replace a lost sensory system by re-routing information normally captured by that sense to another functional sense. For blindness, the VibroMat can present users with a 2D view of the world via a tactile display.

A fantastic achievement!