AREMI Newsletter July 2015

Published on July 10, 2015


We are pleased to welcome you to the first issue of the AREMI Newsletter. AREMI, The Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure project, is building a free, web based platform to consolidate energy infrastructure data, renewable energy resource information, demographic, environmental and other data sets relevant to planning energy sector investments. AREMI is currently available at

We will keep you informed on the latest developments of the platform, events we attend, future venues we’re planning to exhibit and other interesting news.

AREMI transmissions1AREMI is a five year project which began in September 2014 and is funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The project is creating a geospatial data platform – with consolidated electricity, renewable energy resource and infrastructure data, as well as outputs from other ARENA funded mapping projects. The platform supports: energy sector investment decision-making; increased investment in renewable energy by reducing time and cost of pre-competitive analysis; and the opportunity for public and private sectors to develop and share value adding analytical services.

The project is developed and managed by National ICT Australia (NICTA), in collaboration with Geoscience Australia (GA) and Clean Energy Council (CEC). GA is hosting the AREMI platform at; and the Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the AREMI industry liaison partner.

AREMI leverages the capabilities of Terria technology, the underpinning technology of National Map – a 3D geospatial visualisation platform built with Cesium technology. The National Map and AREMI have been designed as fully open frameworks. The web front-end connects directly to data servers at each government agency using open protocols and open data formats. This approach ensures that the latest data is available on AREMI as data custodians constantly update their data sets.

AREMI development is based on consultations held with the renewable energy industry, electricity network providers, investors, government, research, academia and the community. The feedback received so far determined the priority of datasets to be integrated, with electricity infrastructure, land & cadastre, transport & communications infrastructure, and renewable energy resources being top priorities. The project team is continuing the consultations with representatives from government, financiers and electricity networks providers. Currently, the platform has over 60 datasets available covering: transmission lines, power stations’ locations and generation information, distance to transmission lines, PV live generation by State, roads and rail, population, communications etc.

During the next stages of development, AREMI has planned to integrate renewable resources data (wind, solar, bio energy etc.), more electricity related information and outputs of other renewable energy research projects funded by ARENA, such as the ‘Network Mapping Opportunities’ developed by the Institute of Sustainable Futures, within the University of Technology Sydney.

Updates on the next stages will be constantly provided to target users and other stakeholders, as part of following bimonthly newsletters, with the next issue to be disseminated in September 2015.