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Safeguarding Australia from terrorism, crime, invasive diseases and pests, strengthening our understanding of Australia’s place in the region and the world, and securing our infrastructure, particularly with respect to our digital systems.


Cyber Security

Cyber security is a key national security and economic priority for Australia and many countries around the world. The emergence of advanced persistent threats and increasing cyber crime enabled by pervasive connectivity has resulted in a dangerous, complex and fast-evolving threat environment.

In collaboration with academia and the research community, government stakeholders and industry more broadly, NICTA will apply its advanced capabilities in software systems, machine learning, networks and optimisation to tackle key research problems to address both the current threat landscape and adopt a long-term approach to the development of systems that are inherently more robust and resilient to emergent cyber threats.

Hyperspectral Imaging

Traditionally, hyperspectral imaging systems were extremely expensive, limiting their use to specialised areas. With the growing availability of less expensive systems, hyperspectral imaging is broadening into areas such as forensics and agriculture (plant health, precision agriculture) and beyond.

NICTA has created Scyllarus – a powerful hyperspectral image processing engine based on 10 years of research – that puts powerful image processing capabilities in the hands of both experienced and inexperienced users. It is available as a Matlab toolbox, C++ API for developers and built into a processing and visualisation application called Scyven. (See Scyllarus quickly, accurately and automatically identifies materials and their components.

NICTA’s Imaging Spectroscopy team is currently exploring applications in plant inspection, forensics and infrastructure monitoring.


Trustworthy Systems Project


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