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Infrastructure, transport and logistics
Structural Health Monitoring - Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics (ITL) Business Team delivers innovative ICT solutions that transform the efficiency, safety and sustainability of transportation systems and infrastructure networks.

The ITL business team integrates research from all NICTA research groups to deliver transformational ICT technology for operation of ports, rail, road and air systems, for transportation supply networks, and the operation of water and electricity resources.

ITL projects draw on NICTA expertise in areas such as optimisation, mobile networks, computer vision, machine learning and software systems. ITL projects create impact over three horizons: delivering impact on existing or near-term opportunities; building new opportunities; and creating platforms for substantial transformation.

NICTA delivers real performance improvement that translates directly to business profitability. Working together with industry and government partners, NICTA is developing intelligent fleet logistics, accurate sign recignition, monitoring devices for structural health, pipe failure prediction and a new generation of user experience technology.

Infrastructure Globe

NICTA’s research is creating ITL industry wealth by:

  • Using sophisticated optimisation techniques, building dynamic route planning and optimising public transport while creating short-term profit improvement. We are also addressing medium and long-term challenges in energy smart grids, smart buildings and national air traffic management.
  • Making sense of large sets of data through, information retrieval, computational natural language processing, software engineering and protocol design, and human computer interaction design.
  • Machine learning techniques predict and monitor the structural health of major infrastructure such as bridges and water networks.
  • Leveraging geometry, structured motion recovery, measuring images and detection/recognition, building a better understanding of the world through images and image sequences. Computer Vision image analysis techniques enable a range of applications from automatic sign recognition to container tracking at Australia’s ports.
  • Providing application layer software solutions, developing domain-specific languages and cloud-based opportunities. NICTA is also simplifying complex information systems and business processes at Australia’s borders with software systems technology.
  • Effectively harnessing computing power and networked communications infrastructure to enable real time control of large distributed dynamical systems such as power grids, water networks, transport networks and security networks.
  • Developing theories, models and methods to improve the speed and quality of large data transfers between devices. Managing networks and the large data generated by various devices is the future of intelligent transport systems and sensor activity transmissions.

The infrastructure, transport and logistics business area also works closely with government and industry partners to create national wealth in major nation building projects.