Industry Engagement
Geothermal Data Fusion Project

Focusing on analytics, visualisation and uncertainty management in natural resource modelling and characterisation.


Emergency Management

Natural disasters are a way of life for many Australians.  Floods and coastal inundation, bush fires and severe weather events such as cyclones impact on the lives of many of us.  NICTA research projects in emergency management are increasingly focused on situation management including evacuation optimisation and visualisation support for emergency service personnel.

Environmental Analytics

Managing Australia’s natural resources for the benefit of all Australians, now and in the future, is a privilege and a responsibility for government, industry and community. NICTA has a diverse range of research initiatives in the environmental analytics space, all with one common objective: realising the potential of data to better inform the management of our unique natural environment.

NICTA currently has projects in groundwater modelling and air quality prediction. Through these projects NICTA has developed a strong capability in spatial temporal analytics for the environment.

Energy and Resources

Around the world governments are mandating the fast adoption of renewable energy generation to secure future energy supplies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. Reducing uncertainty in renewable energy systems development and deployment is the key focus of NICTA research.

Geospatial Services

Creating an easy way to find, access and reuse public datasets is an Australian Government priority.

NICTA is working with the Australian Department of Communications to improve the availability of data, and to allow immediate search and 3D visualisation across all tiers of government


Director, Environment
Peter Leihn