Industry Engagement
Engineering and Technology Development

In order for NICTA to make impact from its ICT research, it needs to be able to deliver working software into the world that is ready for use by customers and partners.

Engineering & Technology Development is bridging the gap from research to real-world use by having software engineers applying best-practice software development alongside NICTA researchers with their deep research expertise. The combination results in a rare capability which provides significant business impact from NICTA’s research.

Our mission is to meet the demand for building technology and products for customer, partners and potential start-ups. The ETD group includes over 50 professional software engineers, user experience (UX) specialists and designers. who work within more than 30 projects across all of NICTA’s business areas; Environment, Security, Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics and Broadband and the Digital Economy.

In addition to ensuring the high quality of software development within the ETD group, the group also builds the software development capability of NICTA as a whole, for example, by hosting regular sessions for discussion of modern software development tools and practices, providing help to teams requiring greater developer productivity and quality, software development reading groups and providing training in advanced topics.

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