NICTA'S eHealth team is developing open-access information systems and analysis engines to support national scale digital health programs. We are developing middleware for health data and analysis that allows best use of health information

Meaningful information from biomedical data

Collaborating with hospital partners Alfred Health, Melbourne Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute we have developed a high-accuracy natural language technology system that can perform surveillance for invasive fungal disease by automatically processing radiology reports. We are extending our technology to improve clinical information systems for health professionals for whole-of-ward alarms based on correlations between environmental risk factors and clinical notes.

Peter MacCallum Cancer

National eHealth living laboratory: change management

The National eHealth Living Laboratory ("living lab") is a user-driven open innovation system based on a partnership between industry, citizens, health professionals and government. It enables users to take an active part in the research, development and innovation from across Australia to improve national health outcomes through broadband-enabled design, simulation and implementation. The lab will catalyze advanced research in e-health, support community engagement and change-management in eHealth research and engage Australian SME's and health care providers in eHealth innovation.

The living lab combines preventative care and ambulatory (outpatient) care with community and in-home care. The living lab has the support of the ACT Government, NICTA, the University of Canberra, the Australian National University and more than 28 partner organisations including research organisations, consumer health groups, industry groups, health service providers, health technology businesses and ICT vendors.

ACT Health University of Canberra

Epicure: Store. Share. Build.

We have developed a virtual platform for integrating and sharing data, resources and software technologies. The Epicure virtual laboratory provides a standardised platform for easy building and assessment of systems using shared data, resources and software. Epicure addresses specific needs in health; the governance and sharing of private data; provenance and sharing of resources and software; systematic benchmarking and quality control of systems and their components; and collaboration of eHealth language technologies for developers and users across healthcare services, academia, industry and government.