Advanced Surveillence
Applications for sensor technologies with a particular focus on cameras and CCTV, for the detection and analysis of safety and security threats.

Advanced Data Analytics in Transport
Data generated from road traffic is abundant in volume and diverse in variety, creating a challenge of learning and making sense of it. NICTAís research uses probabilistic graphical models, non-parametric Bayesian modelling, and causal inference to address this challenge, leading to solutions for predicting traffic patterns, providing decision support, ensuring road safety, validating performance metrics, and creating social benefits.

Artificial Intelligence for the Smart Grid 
NICTA is developing technology to automate the management of electricity transmission and distribution networks. Businesses, households and the environment will all benefit from more reliable, energy-efficient power supplies.

Supporting the personal navigation markets rapidly growing data requirements using technologies and systems to automatically create and update maps.

Developing the foundations and practical techniques for filtering information from the large volumes of data produced by emerging high-throughput biomedical technologies, in particular high throughput sequencing technologies, often referred to as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), but also a range of other, more cost effective technologies.   

Biomedical Devices & Signal Processing
This project covers the development of wireless 3D kinetic sensors for the measurement and monitoring of patients in clinics, at home or most normal environments. Current work involves the monitoring of Parkinson patients but the applications are very broad and apply to the aged, home care and even rehabilitation. This project has close engagement with the Health & Life Sciences Business Team.  

The first cognitive load monitoring system based on automatic analysis of speech.

Business Adaptation and Interoperation

Creates the understanding and technologies that let organisations work together effectively at both business and technical levels.

Constraint Programming Platform
Developing technologies to help organisations such as freight, logistics and transportation companies and local, state and federal governments to better utilise their assets, resources and infrastructure.

Cooperative Multi-Agent Formations and Networks
Using a set of scientific tools, such as shape and motion control, location estimation and sensor networks for applications such as defence, fighting bushfires and surveillance.

Decision Support for Incident Management

NICTA and the NSW Transport Management Centre are collaborating to improve traffic incident handling through early prediction of clearance time and other crucial business factors. Using advanced Machine Learning techniques on historical incident handling data, patterns of normal and abnormal actions can be identified and used to provide decision support to operators, and efficient communication to the road users.

Distributed Game Platform
Delivering complex applications such as massively multiplayer online games over the Internet quickly and cheaply by using decentralised techniques to manage networks and data.


NICTA'S eHealth team is developing open-access information systems and analysis engines to support national scale digital health programs. We are developing middleware for health data and analysis that allows best use of health information

Fraunhofer Project Centre on Transport and Logistics
This project is a strategic collaboration between Fraunhofer IESE and NICTA. A major activity of the project is the Future Logistics Living Lab, in conjunction with SAP Research.

Future Grid
This project is undertaking fundamental and applied research into new modelling, optimisation and control techniques for future electricity networks.

Geothermal Data Fusion
Geothermal energy is not fully utilised in Australia because it is extremely difficult to locate, expensive to extract and can be detrimental to the environment. NICTA aims to solve the problem by developing software that will enable geothermal companies and government decision-makers to better understand what makes a good geothermal site, and where the best target sites for geothermal resources are.

Goanna (Software Bug Detection)
Keeping product launch timetables on track and saving money using a fast, scalable and precise software solution that detects bugs and other software vulnerabilities automatically during the development process.

Human Performance Improvement
Small, smart devices to collect interpret, transmit and monitor biometric data reliably; supporting emergency services workers, athletes and defence personnel.

Imaging Spectroscopy for Scene Analysis
Identifying potential threats to bio-security and plant health using cameras that capture imperfections invisible to the human eye.

Intelligent Fleet Logistics
Developing technology solutions to help organisations such as freight, logistics and transportation operators better utilise their mobile assets and resources under diverse constraints.

Intelligent Pipes
Advanced condition assessment and failure prediction for water infrastructure maintenance. 

Mesh Protocols
The goal of the Mesh Protocols project is to develop new adaptive network protocols for Wireless Mesh Networks for a wide range of challenging and deployment scenarios, including Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery, Mining and Public Safety & Security applications.

Opinionwatch is a visual document explorer designed to help users understand the major topics of their document set, drill down topic areas that they are interested in, and possibly identify trends through our visualisations.

Service Delivery and Testbed Framework
Service delivery: Reducing energy costs and environment footprint of distributed service delivery platforms, such as TV set-top boxes by investigating schemes that minimise the energy cost. 
Testbed framework: Facilitating future Internet research and increasing scientific rigor in the networking field by developing and deploying a unified framework to control, measure and manage federations of networking testbeds.

Smart Mobile Content Distribution
A solution with the ability to predict user behaviour by combining a userís online social network and the userís environment through the multitude of sensors on a mobile phone.

Social TV Demonstrator
Once the National Broadband Network is in place, the skyís the limit with the amount of television programming and online content we will be able to access. The challenge is how to make sense of this information deluge in a way that has meaning to us as individuals. NICTA is developing technology that will allow Australians to navigate the maze of choices available to them.

Smart Transport and Roads
Traffic managers and road users will be able to predict and respond to traffic conditions using technology that will increase the capacity of our roads infrastructure, make urban travel more predictable, efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Structural Health Monitoring
The safety, security and fitness for purpose of roads, bridges and other transport infrastructure is the subject of NICTA's innovative approach to intelligent systems for continuous monitoring of critical assets. 
Trusted Networking
The Trusted Networking Project research outcomes aim to breach the gap between short and long range mobile wireless technologies to enable new services based on collaborative techniques and user generated content
Trustworthy Embedded Systems
The most trustworthy and reliable operating system kernel on the planet by providing ultimate mathematical assurance that the seL4 high-performance microkernel works correctly.

Visual Processing for the Bionic Eye
Helping to enable the development of a bionic eye using computer vision-based technologies for wearable visual assistive devices and visual prostheses for the visually impaired.