Past Seminars 2012

28 Nov 2012: Bob Williamson, "Multiclass losses and multidistribution divergences".

22 Nov 2012: Nicholas Engerer, "Talking Solar Panels: Using one Rooftop Array to Estimate the Performance of Another".

15 Nov 2012: Xiongcai Cai  (University of New South Wales), "Reciprocal and Heterogeneous Link Prediction in Social Networks".

1 Nov 2012: Mark Reid, "Predictions via Repeated Sequential Market Making".

25 Oct 2012: Muhammad Hanif, "Blind Image Deconvolution".

18 Oct 2012: Xinhua Zhang, "Generalized Conditional Gradient for Sparse Approximation".

11 Oct 2012: Alistair Reid, "Outback Robotics: Analysing Geo-Spatial Data from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle".

4 Oct 2012: James Montgomery,"Machine Learning as a Service: Protocols and Structures for Inference".

27 Sept 2012: Raymond Wong, " Efficient Selection of Process Mining Algorithms".

24 Sept 2012: Dr. Dan Steinberg, "Interaction Detection With TreeNet Boosted Tree Ensembles".

20 Sept 2012:Justin Domke, "Graphical Models and Approximations".

13 Sept 2012: Mitchell Whitelaw, "Generous Interfaces for Cultural Collections".

6 Sept 2012: Dacheng Tao, "MahNMF: Manhattan Non-negative Matrix Factorization".

30 Aug 2012: Facundo Memoli, "The Gromov-Hausdorff distance between metric spaces".

9 Aug 2012: David Newman, "Learning multi-word terminology using Bayesian word segmentation".

12 July 2012: Joachim Gudmundsson, "Geometric Spanner Networks"

21 June 2012:  Phuong Nguyen, Context Tree Maximizing Reinforcement Learning

14 June 2012: Pia Waugh, GovHack: a case study for open data and public engagement

7 June 2012: Simon O'Callaghan, Continuous Occupancy Mapping using Integral Kernels

24 May 2012: Arik Friedman, Data Mining with Differential Privacy

15 May 2012:  Professor Tom Diettrich, Novel machine learning methods for learning models of bird distribution and migration from citizen science data

3 May  2012:  Shlomo Berkovsky, Influencing Individually: Fusing Personalisation and Persuasion

24 April 2012:  Daniel Hsu, Algorithms for learning latent variable models

26 April 2012: Cheng Soon Ong, Learning Similarities between Classes.

19 April 2012:  Karin Verspoor, Roles for Machine Learning in Protein Function Prediction

12 April 2012:  Mark Johnson, Grammars and Topic Models

5 April 2012:  Sebastien Ardon, Next Generation Content Discovery and Distribution

29 Mar 2012:     Scott Sanner, "New Objective Functions for Social Collaborative Filtering

22 Mar 2012:     Rafael Frongillo, Proper Losses for means, with connections to prediction markets

15 Mar 2012:     Mathieu Salzmann,  A Constrained Latent Variable Model for Monocular Non-rigid Reconstruction

8 Mar 2012:      Wray Buntine, PCFGs,Topic Models, Adaptor Grammars and Learning Topical Collocations and the Structure of Proper Names", Johnson, ACL 2010. Slides

1 Mar 2012:      Nicholas A. Engerer,  "The Niche For NICTA:  Solar Power Forecasting"  ANU 

16 Feb 2012:     NIPS Wrap Up Session Christfried Weber, Hanna Suominen, Scott Sanner, Aaron, Mark Reid, Nicholas

 9 Feb 2012:      Bang Zhang,  Batch Mode Active Learning for Multi-Label Classification with Informative Label Correlation Mining