Computer Vision

NICTA is actively seeking motivated graduate students and visiting students around the world. We are able to provide a full or top-up scholarship for PhD students and support visitors in various forms.

Information for PhD Students

Students wishing to pursue a PhD degree in Computer Vision are invited to apply.  Applications should come through the ANU applications system.  In general you will need to apply for admission and a scholarship.
Application Information
Scholarship Information

NICTA scholarships for PhD study are available. Students with a NICTA scholarship will be enrolled at (and receive a degree from) ANU, but will be attached to NICTA.


Information for Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) students/visitors

NICTA/ ANU and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) have a collaborative arrangement to provide research opportunities to select high quality research students from China. CSC scholarship recipients will be able to enrol in the ANU PhD program for up to four years full-time study. NICTA also welcomes the CSC visitors to collaborate in many projects.

Information for Summer Scholar and Honour Students

ANU/NICTA’s summer scholar program is a great opportunity to work with academic staffs. The recipients will be supported (full board, a tax-free allowance, and return travel) during the summer and will spend 8-12 weeks of study on an exciting research project.

Honour students are encouraged to contact NICTA’s staff to discuss potential topics for their honour projects.

For further information, please contact Fatih Porikli (Fatih.Porikli<at>nicta.com.au) with your resume and research statement if you are interested in collaborating with NICTA.