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Smart Applications for Emergencies

The Smart Applications for Emergencies (SAFE) strategic project addresses key elements of the process of predicting, responding to and recovering from a range of natural and man-made disasters.

The effects of many disasters, whether they are natural or man-made, can be reduced by having timely and accurate information for people who manage the impact of a disaster. The socio-economic impact of deterring terrorist actions, or detecting them before they occur, is immense. However, if a disaster does occur, for example a cyclone, tsunami or mass transport accident, then the ability to respond quickly and effectively is paramount.

What will this research achieve?

The ability to respond quickly to any disaster has significant socio-economic benefits, including reduced fatalities, speedy re-establishment of infrastructure connections and improved response efforts through better coordination.

Who will benefit?

The research is initially aimed at the emergency response sector of government, for example police or the emergency services. The research is also applicable to safeguarding infrastructure such as railway stations, bridges, ports, airports and other critical infrastructure.

What are the key research areas?

The SAFE project has four primary research activities covering:

  • SAFE Sensors:  this research will address improving cameras and pattern recognition software to recognise and follow a face in the crowd and unusual behaviour in an area.
  • SAFE Information: the research will investigate crisis information management systems as they deal  with critical information flows with emergency systems focussing on notification and resource management.
  • SAFE Agents: the research is examining how a given set of limited resources, such as ambulances, can be used to best effect in an emergency and how their deployment can be altered to suit changing conditions.
  • SAFE Networks: the research is aimed at creating wireless networks that are able to heal themselves if a node in a network stops working.


Queensland Government


For more information about the SAFE Strategic Project, please contact:

  • Strategic Leader: Dr Renato Iannella on +617 3000 0484 or fax on +617 3000 0480 or renato{at}
  • Project Manager: Dr Mike Rosa on +617 3000 0483 or fax on +617 3000 0480 or Mike.Rosa{at}