Planning Habitat Restoration with Genetic Algorithms

Jana Brotankova, Tommaso Urli, Philip Kilby

Conservation is an ethic of sustainable use of natu- ral resources which focuses on the preservation of biodiversity. Conservation planning seeks to reach this goal by means of deliberate actions, aimed at the protection or restoration of given biodiversity features or habitats. Often, such action consists in the elimination of invasive threats. In this paper we present the first formulation of the habitat restoration planning (HRP) problem, an op- timisation problem that captures some of the deci- sions and constraints faced by conservation man- agers. Example scenarios are drawn from the in- sular Great Barrier Reef (QLD) and Pilbara (WA) regions of Australia. In addition to the problem formulation, we propose a first optimisation solver for the HRP, based on genetic algorithms (GA), we discuss the results obtained by our solver, and we outline the future directions.

Keywords: Computational sustainability, conservation, conservation planning, optimisation, genetic algorithms, formulation, habitat restoration


Status: published
Type: Conference Paper
Conference/location: GECCO'16
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