Divide and Congruence II: From Decomposition of Modal Formulas to Preservation of Delay and Weak Bisimilarity

Wan Fokkink, Robert van Glabbeek

Earlier we presented a method to decompose modal formulas for processes with the internal action τ, and congruence formats for branching and η-bisimilarity were derived on the basis of this decomposition method. The idea is that a congruence format for a semantics must ensure that the formulas in the modal characterisation of this semantics are always decomposed into formulas that are again in this modal characterisation. In this follow-up paper the decomposition method is enhanced to deal with modal characterisations that contain a modality <τ*a>φ, to derive congruence formats for delay and weak bisimilarity.

Keywords: Structural operational semantics, congruence formats, weak bisimilarity, modal characterisation


Status: published
Type: Technical Report
Conference/location: NICTA
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