2011 Publications

NICTA Publications and Reports

NICTA Research Booklet

This booklet provides a summary of NICTA's research capability  and how it focuses on wealth creation opportunities in four key areas of national importance. 

NICTA Research Booklet (pdf, 2.5MB)

2010Annual_ResearchReportNICTA 2010

The combined Annual and Research Report provides an overview of NICTA's 2010 activities. 

NICTA 2010 (pdf, 11.3MB)

2010AnnualReporttoGovtNICTA 2010 Annual Report to Government

The Annual Report to the Australian Government is a reporting obligation on the part of NICTA to the Commonwealth of Australia stemming from the Funding Deed between the two parties. The Annual Report covers the 2010 calendar year.

NICTA 2010 Annual Report to Government (pdf, 3MB)

2011 Annual Activity PlanNICTA 2011 Annual Activity Plan

The Annual Activity Plan (AAP) provides a basis for reporting to the Australian Government on NICTA's progress towards building a world-class centre of excellence. It is a tactical planning document with a focus on activity for a calendar year.

NICTA 2011 Annual Activity Plan (pdf, 100KB)  |  Milestones:  Excellence Engagement  |  Impact

2011_NICTA_Corp_BrochureCorporate Brochure

Overview brochure (pdf, 1.5MB)