2004 Publications

NICTA 2004 Annual Report

NICTA 2004 Annual Report

The Annual Report is a reporting obligation on the part of NICTA to the Commonwealth of Australia stemming from the Funding Deed between the two parties. The Annual Report covers the previous calendar year.

NICTA 2004 Annual Report (pdf, 1.7MB)




NICTA 2004 Annual Report to MembersNICTA 2004 Annual Report to Members

NICTA has achieved a great deal in its first full year of operation. By the end of 2004 NICTA was established as an organisation. We had a truly national presence, a concrete research agenda, visible research outcomes, signifi cant enrolments in the NICTA-endorsed PhD program, a sound start on our patent portfolio, and rapid personnel growth in line with our plans, resulting in 385 staff and students by year-end.

NICTA 2004 Annual Report to Members (pdf, 5MB)



NICTA 2004 Annual Financial ReportNICTA 2004 Annual Financial Report



NICTA 2004 Annual Financial Report (pdf, 701KB)


NICTA 2004 Interim Report to Australian GovernmentNICTA 2004 Interim Report to Australian Government

This Interim Progress report for 2004 provides details of NICTA's activities and achievements to June 2004.

NICTA 2004 Interim Report to Australian Government (pdf, 1.7MB)



NICTA 2004 Annual Activity PlanNICTA 2004 Annual Activity Plan

The Annual Activity Plan (AAP) provides a basis for reporting to the Australian Government on NICTA’s progress towards building a world-class centre of excellence. It is a tactical planning document with a focus on activity for a calendar year. The AAP also provides a general outlook for a further two years.

NICTA 2004 Annual Activity Plan (pdf, 1.5MB)