Summer School on Optimisation 2014

Published on January 30, 2014

Summer School 2014

The 2nd International Optimisation Summer School was held 12-17 January 2014 at the ANU campus in Kioloa on the New South Wales coast of Australia.

The 46 student participants (24% female) rated it a great success, seeing it as a unique experience to learn and network, set in an idyllic location close to nature (and kangaroos).  Students from Australia (44%), Europe (28%), N.America (9%) and some from Asia, the Middle East and S.America came together to hear from world leading experts on areas such as integer programming (Martin Savelsbergh, U Newcastle), constraint programming (Peter Stuckey, UMelbourne and NICTA), optimisation under uncertainty (Pascal Van Hentenryck, ANU and NICTA), vehicle routing (Phil Kilby, ANU and NICTA), scheduling and column generation (Menkes van den Briel, ANU and NICTA), temporal planning (Brian Williams, MIT), supply chains (Simon Dunstall, CSIRO) and answer set programming (Torsten Schaub, Potsdam).

This was combined this with a healthy dose of organised sporting and social activities.

The Optimisation Summer School will be organised for a third time in January 11-16 2015 by Toby Walsh (NICTA and UNSW). See for more details about the 2nd school, as well as information about how to apply to the 3rd school nearer the time.