Four papers at AAAI 2015

Published on January 12, 2015

The MLRG has the following four papers appearing at AAAI 2015:

[1] Linear-time Gibbs Sampling in Piecewise Graphical Models (H. Afshar, S. Sanner, and E. Abbasnejad)
[2] Loss-calibrated Monte Carlo Action Selection (E. Abbasnejad, J. Domke, and S. Sanner)
[3] Real-time Symbolic Dynamic Programming for Hybrid MDPs (L. G. Rocha Vianna, L. N. de Barros, and S. Sanner)
[4] Bayesian Model Averaging Naive Bayes: Averaging over an Exponential Number of Feature Models in Linear Time (G. Wu, S. Sanner, and R. F.S.C. Oliveira)