CVRG PhD Student Dana Pordel establishes his company: danaXa

Published on March 18, 2015

eYekey from danaXa Pty Ltd is now available for the latest version of Adnroid on Google Play that includes a sample image describing how the eye-tracking is used to let user type on keyboard using only eyes.

The first version is free for download and mainly for us to get feedbacks from users. It does have a limited learning process and we hope to extend this learning and fully personalize the application so it works well with every eyes.

There will be a trail version in ACT for people with disability to test our new learning method. If we succeed, we will update the app and start making some revenue with “in app purchase” if users are happy with the result.

Recently, danaXa Pty Ltd hired its first full-time employee who is a Phd from ANU. We hope that within next year, the eYekey project hire one more full-time employee.