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NICTA joins Microsoft Research Asia to improve online video search

NICTA is collaborating with Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) to develop technology to improve the performance of online video search engines.

"We want to find the best way for computers to sort and recognise actions in videos," said Dr Jian Zhang, NICTA Project Leader. "NICTA has technology that recognises and models video-based action, which we developed for automation of video surveillance systems. In this new project, we are exploring the application of this technology to online video search so that search engines can deliver more accurate, faster results."

Most search engines support keyword search for video-based content retrieval, a technique which often results in the retrieval of unrelated videos, too many videos, and videos where the related video action segments are buried somewhere in the footage but the displayed frame does not show this action. The retrieval quality is largely determined by textual information such as title, tag or description, rather than visual similarity.

With new research funding from Microsoft Research Asia, NICTA will investigate a hierarchical approach to video search which will map action words from video titles and transcripts to action segments within the video. The NICTA team will develop algorithms and prototype software and test them using Microsoft’s video metadata.

"This is the first such project between Microsoft Research Asia and NICTA. It will see close collaboration between the researchers in the MSRA Computing group led by Dr Shipeng Li and a team of NICTA researchers led by Dr Jian Zhang," said John Warren, University Relations Manager, Microsoft Research Asia.

Shipeng Li, MSRA Group Manager of Media Computing at Microsoft Asia, said: "I believe this research collaboration will result in real progress in the area of large-scale database search based on human action recognition. This research direction is well aligned with Microsoft’s research strategy. We expect to establish a long term research collaboration between MSRA and NICTA in this area."

"Through this new engagement with MSRA, NICTA continues to drive innovative Australian ICT onto the world stage," said Hugh Durrant-Whyte, NICTA CEO. "This research will address one of the most difficult technological challenges for search engine developers around the world."

Document: NICTA joins Microsoft Research Asia to improve online video search
Contact: Dorothy Kennedy
Communications Specialist (Media), NICTA
9376 2098 or 0488229687