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28/12/2006 10:00
National ICT Australia (NICTA), Australia’s Centre of Excellence for information and communications technology (ICT) and the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) have entered into a cooperative research program intended to develop technologies for sporting applications.
12/12/2006 09:40
National ICT Australia (NICTA) has appointed a new Chief Operating Officer and filled the newly created position of Chief Technology Officer for Embedded Systems. 
20/10/2006 11:00
The Hon. Marsha Thomson MP, Victorian Minister for Information and Communication Technology, today officially opened National ICT Australia’s (NICTA) new Victoria Research Laboratory (VRL), announcing additional funding of $20 million to support its world-leading research in information and communications technology (ICT). The laboratory’s particular focus is on investigating ICT as an enabling technology, with an eye to end-use commercialisation in telecommunications, information technology and life sciences.
29/09/2006 08:30
NICTA introduces the first instalment in a series of case studies which offer a concise and simple explanation of selected NICTA projects that are close to or involved in licensing or commercialisation opportunities.

In this series we illustrate how NICTA is:

— Enhancing Live Music
— Using ICT to measure audience responses to advertising
— Improving the reliability of embedded systems
— Enabling an instant office for remote communications

These case studies explain the scientific challenge posed and the results from both a technical and commercial perspective.
01/09/2006 10:45
Australia’s leading publicly funded information and communications technology (ICT) research organisations, National ICT Australia (NICTA), CSIRO and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) are working together to stage ICT Outlook Forum 2006. This year’s event, to be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Wednesday 18 October, will provide a showcase of ICT innovation along with opportunities for interaction between government, industry and publicly funded research organisations on important issues in ICT research and development.
31/08/2006 09:25
National ICT Australia (NICTA), Australia’s Centre of Excellence for information and communications technology (ICT), today announced the launch of a third Priority Challenge Strategic Project, Smart Applications For Emergencies (SAFE). SAFE aims to help save lives and minimise economic impact from natural and man made disasters by improving prevention, detection, prediction and recovery co-ordination.

Advanced video surveillance systems have attracted a great deal of attention since they were used to track the movements of the terrorists responsible for the July 2005 attacks on the London Underground. According to NICTA, the challenge now is to develop systems that can help prevent attacks, rather than just record events as they unfold.
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