New ESA Workforce Connect app wins top Canberra innovation award

Published on November 20, 2015

A communication prototype app that seamlessly connects the vast number of staff and volunteers at the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) has secured first place and a $12,500 cash prize at the Digital Canberra Challenge awards this week.

Three72 Digital’s winning app, ESA Workforce Connect took home the award for its ability to facilitate seamless communication between the more than 2500 personnel at the ACT ESA – many of which do not use email or the intranet to receive internal updates. Thanks to the app, for the first time ever the ACT ESA workforce will also have access to instant two-way communications with its diverse workforce.

ESA Workforce Connect provides real-time statistics to the senior executive on the effectiveness of individual communication or levels of interest in a particular issue. This real-time feedback provides the senior executive with the agility a modern, forward-thinking organisation needs to fine tune internal communication messaging and strategies in a timely manner to maximise successful workforce engagement.

The development of the ESA Workforce Connect app was a collaborative effort between the Three72 Digital team and the Manager of Emergency Media and Broadcasting Services, Darren Cutrupi. Together, they have created a solution to help the ESA Commissioner and his senior executive team to effectively communicate changes associated with the ESA Strategic Reform Agenda, ACT Ambulance Service Blueprint for Change and the Women in Emergency Services initiative, amongst many other internal communications messages.

Ben Brillante, Director at Three72 Digital said, “The beauty of the ESA Workforce Connect platform is that it could easily be expanded to perform wider functions. It can be replicated and customised to other ACT Government agencies or directorates using the ‘one government model’.

“Our digital team is highly detail-oriented, with special focus on usability. We ensure that every element in the product we produce is fit for purpose, addressing all areas of concerns from both the client and the product end-user. This level of attention to detail resulted in an easy-to-use digital product with a beautifully crafted interface that delivers a positive and engaging experience.

“I want to thank the Digital Canberra Challenge, Data61’s eGov Cluster and the ACT Government for the opportunity to bring our ideas to life, and for supporting the innovation scene in Canberra,” said Mr Brillante.

Coming in as runner-up at the awards was local start-up company Rollercoaster Digital, with an app that gives ACT citizens and visitors the opportunity to understand and engage with ACT Heritage sites. This app is equipped with info on heritage sites, and also features an interactive dimension that encourages the public to connect and learn more about these places, as well as share their personal stories. The app is named Walter, after Sir Walter Burley Griffin.

Chris Shackleton, Founder and Co-CEO of Rollercoaster Digital said, “It’s really exciting that we could be in a position to work alongside ACT Heritage to deliver a product that can connect Canberrans with our short but rich heritage,” said Mr Shackleton.

The Digital Canberra Challenge awards were presented this afternoon at the National Museum by ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, who congratulated all award winners and finalists on their outstanding entries.

“The Digital Canberra Challenge is a fantastic initiative- accelerating innovation and supporting digital initiatives is central to the ACT Government’s economic development agenda and this year’s awards winners and finalists are a testament to the strength of digital innovation here in Canberra,” said Chief Minister Barr.

“As the knowledge capital of Australia, we are committed to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship as a means of diversifying our economy and producing more jobs in smart industries.”

The Digital Canberra Challenge is an ACT Government initiative to engage Canberra’s brightest minds to help build and support a dynamic, healthy and prosperous Digital City for the 21st century.

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