FinTern Fever: Stone & Chalk launches new fintech startup internship program

Published on November 25, 2015


University students invited to pitch in a speed-dating event for one of 30 prestigious internships

Stone & Chalk, Australia’s leading Fintech start-up hub, today launches Fintern Fever, a summer fintech internship program created to give university students the opportunity to work with local startups in the fintech space.

Stone & Chalk is trialling Data61’s new platform ( to match its startups to students of various disciplines from top Australian universities. In the space of less than two weeks over 400 business, commerce and technology students from across the Sydney basin and interstate have applied for a chance to pitch for a highly sought-after summer internship with a Stone & Chalk startup.  100 have been selected to participate in the program, including students from UNSW, UTS, University of Sydney, Macquarie, University Western Sydney University and University of Wollongong.

To secure an internship, these students will need to pitch during a ‘speed-dating’ event on the 25th November. In these rapid pitch sessions, the candidates will be required to demonstrate why they deserve one of 30 prestigious internships with the fintech startup community.

Alex Scandurra, CEO at Stone & Chalk said, “This is a hallmark collaboration between the startup community, universities, Data61/CSIRO, the finance industry’s professional association, Finsia, and the Committee for Sydney.

“For the first time ever, we’re giving budding student entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain valuable experience in high potential startups and in doing so helping to bring universities and startups closer together. This will also expose students to the art of the possible in pursuing an entrepreneurial career. Our startups similarly benefit, as they are now able to access top Australian talent that was previously beyond their reach.”

Professor Nick Wailes, Associate Dean of UNSW Business School’s (Digital and Innovation), added, “This is a fabulous opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in start-up culture while at university. Whether our students are interested in establishing their own disruptive business or securing a role with an established firm in banking or consulting, getting first-hand experience in the fintech sector is a great addition to their studies.”

Professor Roy Green, Dean of the UTS Business School said, “UTS is committed to business-university collaboration as a driver of innovation in Australia, and we know that the role of our students is crucial in getting successful outcomes as they are a key source of creativity and enthusiasm.”

As part of the Fintern Fever experience, interns will be provided with mentoring, networking opportunities and tailored seminars over the summer. To complement the hands-on work experience with one of Australia’s top fintech startups, the Fintern Fever program will help build leadership skills, and outline career pathways.

The interns will work on a range of projects involving skills in business, commerce, coding, developing websites, creating web content, social media, graphic design, business modelling and market research.

The internships will range from single, one-off projects (lasting a few weeks) to 2-3 months throughout summer to ongoing opportunities.



Note to editors: Fintern Fever is a collaboration between Stone & Chalk, Finsia, the Committee for Sydney, the Financial Services Knowledge Hub and CSIRO’s Data61