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NICTA’s Queensland Research Laboratory is pleased to host a number of forums to discuss how ICT is used as a game changer in industry and government around the world. These regular events are targeted at those who are interested in how ICT continues to impact on the way we develop, manage, deliver and engage with services and products.  Our invited speakers are drawn from industry leadership, government policy makers, and world-leading domain experts.

The topics for this year's series include governance and risk management in large-scale IT systems, security, health, the digital economy and environmental monitoring.  The series will run from June to November in 2012.  Information on each event will be available on this webpage.  You can also subscribe to our email list for information

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Governance and Risk Management in Large Scale ICT-enabled Projects
You are invited to the following Australian e-Government Technology Cluster event.
Event type: Panel Q&A
Date: 12 Jul 2012
Time: 12:00-2:00 pm
Venue: Central Venues, 175 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, ICON Theatre
RSVP: 9 Jul 2012

Keeping any large scale ICT-enabled transformation project on track is notoriously difficult. They are highly complex, very difficult projects that are often cloaked in invisibility to the outer-project world. They require substantial, skilled management, project process maturity, change management and consistency across evolving artefacts. However, the demand for building even more ambitions systems is growing both in the government and private arenas.
A 2003 study carried out in the U.K. showed that only 16% of the large-scale IT projects were considered successful. A recent (2011) Victorian Government Ombudsman report found that continuing common mistakes made in these projects are around planning, governance, project management, and procurement. Although IT project failure stories represent a minority of all the IT projects attempted, they are a serious problem due to the centrality of these systems to work and home in modern life.
In this lunchtime seminar, three speakers including both researchers and practitioners, will share their opinions on, and experiences with, both successful and not so successful large-scale IT projects. Each speaker will present their position on the topic, followed by a panel session for open Q&A with the audience. 

RSVP online at www.egovernmentcluster.org.au/events/registration/ or at sarah.sims@nicta.com.au

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