NICTA Seminar Series – What is Machine Learning Anyway?

john.pngPresenter: John Vial

Title: What is Machine Learning Anyway?

When: Join us for drinks and networking on Wednesday 16  September 2015 from 4.30pm – 5.30pm

Where: NICTA Queensland Labs, 70-72 Bowen Street, Spring Hill

Abstract: The use of data to allow for better decision making has become critical to some industries, and is becoming increasingly more important in others. Some kinds of problems can be easily solved with machine learning, while others are still years away.  This talk will discuss the kinds of problems that can be solved using machine learning, and also discuss situations where using machine learning is a bad idea. Additionally, the talk will provide a basic understanding of what things like ‘clustering’, ‘classification’ , ‘deep neural networks’, and ‘multi-armed bandits’ can do.

Bio: John Vial is a practicing machine learning researcher for NICTA, Queensland. He holds a PhD in robotic estimation from the University of Sydney. He has experience applying machine learning to problems in geology, finance, database identity resolution and logistics.

Email QLDevents@nicta.com.au  for more details.

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