Why come to NICTA?

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NICTA offers a world-class PhD experience in ICT in the areas of Machine Learning, Optimisation, Software Systems, Mobile Systems and Computer Vision.

Students are supervised by world-leading NICTA researchers and partner university academics on projects that matter and make a difference.

Students are offered opportunities to push the fundamental boundaries in the ICT disciplines in which we work, participate in real industrial projects, do internships in Australia and overseas, and can gain teaching experience at the partner universities.

NICTA encourages and supports entrepreneurial activities of our students, offering opportunities to join our startups or even to create their own.

NICTA offers competitive Scholarships, a world-class research environment in some of the leading and largest groups in the world.

Listen to what current and past students have said about working with NICTA:

If you think you have what it takes, see here for details on how to do a PhD at NICTA.