ambiata logo

Ambiata applies state-of-the-art machine learning research to enterprise data assets to deliver near real-time automated business decision-making. This enables traditional bricks and mortar businesses to deliver personalised products and services of their customers.

Audinate logo

Audinate provides professional audio systems that enable the transport of high-quality media over
standard data networks, improving sound quality, simplifying wiring and replacing expensive recording, mixing and editing hardware with PC-based software. Audinate was founded in 2006 and was NICTA’s first start-up company.

AutoMap logo

AutoMap supports the personal navigation market’s rapidly growing data requirements by developing technologies to automatically create and update digital maps, thereby lowering the cost of collecting and processing video data and increasing the accuracy of map information. The software not only provides the GPS-location of infrastructure assets, but also enables monitoring to identify maintenance requirements.

Goanna Logo

Goanna is a fast, scalable and precise software solution that automatically detects bugs and vulnerabilities in source code at the time of development. Goanna targets programming flaws such as memory corruption, buffer overruns, memory leaks and command injections, which lead to potential systems crashes or security vulnerabilities.

Incoming Logo

Incoming TV learns what type of video entertainment users love to watch, and downloads the content directly to their smart phone or tablet in advance, using only Wi-Fi. The technology enables users to watch high-quality mobile video, even without a cell signal or data plan. Incoming was established in 2012.

Interferex Logo

InterfereX has developed an ‘interference-cancelling’ modem, which cancels radio interference in femtocell wireless networks (wireless access points for cellular technology). The technology enables improved indoor mobile coverage and better reliability and throughput while minimsing the imapct on outdoor wireless cellular systems. InterfereX was established in 2011.


Nitero Logo

Nitero is a fabless semiconductor company that is designing an ultra-low power 60GHz Wi-Fi solution that performs at speeds up to ten times faster than current Wi-Fi solutions. The company was established in 2011.

OKLabs Logo

Open Kernel Labs is the market leader in embedded virtualisation software (called OKL4) for mobile phones and internet devices. OKL4 enables manufacturers to develop devices that are more secure, with enhanced functions at a lower cost. The software is deployed on 1.6 billion devices around the world. The company was spun-out in 2007 and was acquired by General Dynamics, an aerospace and defence company, in 2012.

Opturion Logo

Opturion provides solutions to complex resource allocation and scheduling problems using a unique optimisation software platform for freight pick-up and delivery in all major Australian states. Opturion also delivers solutions in conjunction with its major shareholder, Genix Ventures, serving large clients in government and industry. The company was established in 2012.

Performance Assurance Logo

The Performance Assurance technology allows organisations to confidently build, manage and
alter large, complex ICT systems that support the delivery of vital services to customers. Performance Assurance helps uncover the performance details of large systems and to identify problem areas that may cause them to fail.

SaludaMedical Logo

Saluda Medical has developed a versatile medical implant device that treats chronic pain through spinal cord stimulation. Salida’s Implanted Neural Sensing and Stimulation product both stimulates and senses nerve responses in patients, representing a breakthrough in neurosimulation therapies. Saluda Medical spun out in 2013.

Scalify Logo

Scalify has developed the Badumna Network Suite, a powerful ‘peer-to-peer’ technology suite that helps users create large multi-user applications such as online games and virtual worlds. Badumna uses a unique approach based on a decentralised architecture, rather than client-server, providing almost unlimited scalability, better network performance, lower operating costs and the freedom to design multiplayer applications. Scalify was established in 2012.


TrademarkVision’s patent-pending image recognition system is quickly changing how trademarks are protected. Using an image-based search tool, potential issues are caught quickly to ensure all brands are kept safer than ever before.


UserMetrix helps software developers identify and fix bugs in software by analysing how people engage with  a software product. By combining application analytics with traditional error reporting, UserMetrix determines the most likely reproduction steps for software issues, allowing developers to focus on fixing problems, rather than reproducing them.


Yuruware provides cloud-based business continuity, migration, monitoring and management tools which simplify the cloud while improving reliability and reducing risks and costs. The products offered by Yuruware enable businesses to transition seamlessly between original computer hardware and a replica stored in the cloud in the event of a disaster. Yuruware was acquired by Unitrends in 2014. See the Unitrends media release.