Health & Life Sciences

Transforming innovative technologies to advance the understanding of human diseases and to improve the health and well being of Australians.


NICTA R&D capabilities in Health are focused in the key themes:

These themes reflect the global biological revolution currently taking place, popularly referred to as the "new biology".  This discipline transformation is very well articulated in A New Biology for the 21st Century published by the American National Academy of Science (ISBN-10: 0-309-14488-4).  In essence, the belief is that new discoveries, innovations and biotechnologies will come about by the fusion of disciplines like Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Biology and Medicine.  NICTA's mandate is to make these disciplines relevant to modern society, through both the public and the private sectors, thus aligning our strategy with this global revolution.  For the Health Business Area of NICTA, such convergence is occurring at the genetic, cellular, person and organisational levels of Health in our four research target areas.


For further information on Lens project and Living Lab, contact:  

Dr. Leif Hanlen

Technology Director, Machine Learning

NICTA Canberra Research Laboratory

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