NICTA’s broadband and digital economy activities are underpinned by research in the areas of enterprise and cloud architectures, mobile content distribution, business process analysis and automation, machine learning, software systems and advanced networking.

Business Adaptation and Interoperation

This project focuses on cloud, enterprise architectures and vocabulary management to enable organisations to effectively work together at both business and technical levels. 


Performance modelling and simulation for enterprise systems for large organisations such as financial institutions and major government departments.

Distributed Game Platform

Utilising decentralised techniques to deliver complex applications including massive multi-player online games over the internet quickly and cheaply. NICTA's Distributed Game Platform was spun-out in May 2012. The new company called Scalify is commercialising NICTA's Badumna network suite. Please click here for more information.


NICTA'S eHealth team is developing open-access information systems and analysis engines to support national scale digital health programs. We are developing middleware for health data and analysis that allows best use of health information

Goanna (Software Bug Detection)

Keeping product launch timetables on track and saving money using a fast, scalable and precise software solution that detects bugs and other software vulnerabilities automatically during the development process.

Smart Mobile Content Distribution

Smart phones, rich media and online social networks are driving an expected 30-fold mobile data increase in the next four years, despite carrier revenues hardly increasing. NICTA has developed a content distribution scheme which predicts user behaviour to reduce the data peaks by ‘filling the valleys’ in order to keep costs down for carriers.

Big Data

NICTA generates value from an organisation’s untapped data through the deployment of scalable platforms and advanced analytic systems through Machine Learning capabilities. This rapidly creates actionable insights and helps solve real world business problems such as:

  • Customer retention
  • Risk Management
  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • Operational Efficiency

Our approach helps clients discover hidden patterns in their data which in turn generates more accurate predictions and leads to a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and business processes. This ultimately fuels effective business performance and a more data-centric culture.

Contact: Rami.Muktar<AT>

Telepresence / WebRTC

The entrance of peer-to-peer audio, video and data connections in Web browsers through the WebRTC (Real-time communication) API creates opportunities for communication-enhanced remote service delivery. Think about the medical specialist that can make a house call from his office desk, or the speech pathologist that can help children in remote locations from their city work place, or the investment expert in a bank that can their customer and review their paperwork as they enter a digital Hub in their remote village.