The Broadband and Digital Economy business area collaborates and partners with the following initiatives and organisations:

Australian Centre for Broadband InnovationCSIRO    NSWGovernment

A collaborative research initiative established by CSIRO, National ICT Australia and the New South Wales Government.  The Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation (ACBI) will develop, demonstrate and evaluate applications and services that enable, and are enabled by, widespread availability of broadband.

Take a look at the ACBI ebook - App-trepreneur's Guide to Future Broadband Services

Microsoft (Azure)Microsoft   Azure

In a new research engagement, NICTA, the Australian National University (ANU) and CSIRO have been given access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform for the next three years. Each access ‘grant’ will also allow researchers to use technical support and client tools being developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Research (Asia)MicrosoftResearchAsia

NICTA is collaborating with Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) to develop technology to improve the performance of online video search engines.  With new research funding from Microsoft Research Asia, NICTA will investigate a hierarchical approach to video search which will map “action-words” from video titles and transcripts to action segments within the video. The NICTA team will develop algorithms and prototype software and test them using Microsoft’s video metadata.



NICTA has an ongoing R&D relationship with Scalify to continuously improve their core technology and introduce new innovations for multi-player networking based on the Badumna Network Suite.

Open Kernal Labs


OK Labs provides products and services based on NICTA-developed microkernel and virtualisation technology. NICTA and OK Labs maintain a close relationship, ensuring that NICTA research remains highly relevant and has high real-world impact.

Australian e-Government Cluster


The e-Government Cluster promotes ICT innovation through more than 100 members Australia-wide, comprising government agencies across all spheres, SMEs and research organisations. This partnership supports governments to adopt new technology to deliver better services, reduce costs and open up opportunities for businesses.


LIXI is a collaborative non-profit organisation that enables lending industry participants to work together to solve shared, industry wide problems, enhancing efficiency and customer service. In conjunction with NICTA, LIXI has developed standardised lending processes and working prototypes for rapid deployment.

European 7th Framework

Orbit   7thFramework

TEMPO has important partnerships with key international initiatives for research in the next generation Internet and networking technologies. It is a partner in the ORBIT project funded by the GENI initiative of the National Science Foundation, in the United States of America. It is also a partner in two European projects funded by the 7th Framework Programme. TEMPO is one of the earliest research initiatives looking at the issue of energy consumption of large-scale distributed service delivery platforms.