Management Structure

Mr Duane Zitzner is the Interim CEO of NICTA

Dr Phil Robertson Chief Operating Officer
Mr Carl Middlehurst General Counsel
Ms Liz Jakubowski Government Relations

Research Groups
Prof. Fatih Porikli  Leader, Computer Vision
Prof. Bob Williamson Leader, Machine Learning
Prof. Aruna Seneviratne Leader, Networks
Prof. Pascal Van Hentenryck  Leader, Optimisation 
Prof. Gernot Heiser  Leader, Software Systems 

Business Teams

Dr Terry Percival Director, Broadband and the Digital Economy
Mr Rob Fitzpatrick Director, Infrastructure Transport and Logistics
Dr Jodi Steel Director, Security and Environment
Mr Peter Leihn - Director, Security and Environment

Mr Bill Simpson-Young Director, Engineering and Technology Development
Mr Andrew Stead  Director, New Ventures

Laboratory Contacts
Prof. Simon Kaplan  Queensland Research Laboratory 
Dr Sylvie Thiebaux  Canberra Research Laboratory 
Prof. Aruna Seneviratne Australian Technology Park Laboratory 
Prof. Jack Singh - NICTA Victoria
Dr Terry Percival Neville Roach Laboratory, Kensington