Mr Adrian Turner –  Chief Executive Officer

Dr Phil Robertson — Chief Operating Officer
Mr Carl Middlehurst — General Counsel
Ms Liz Jakubowski — Government Relations

Research Groups
Prof. Fatih Porikli — Leader, Computer Vision
Prof. Bob Williamson — Leader, Machine Learning
Prof. Aruna Seneviratne — Leader, Networks
Prof. Pascal Van Hentenryck  — Leader, Optimisation
Prof. Gernot Heiser  — Leader, Software Systems

Business Teams

Dr Terry Percival — Director, Broadband and the Digital Economy
Mr Rob Fitzpatrick — Director, Infrastructure Transport and Logistics
Dr Jodi Steel — Director, Security and Environment
Mr Peter Leihn – Director, Security and Environment

Mr Bill Simpson-Young — Director, Engineering and Technology Development
Mr Andrew Stead — Director, New Ventures

Laboratory Contacts
Ms Leigh Angus — Queensland Research Laboratory
Dr Phil Robertson — Canberra Research Laboratory
Prof. Aruna Seneviratne — Australian Technology Park Laboratory
Mr Peter Leihn – NICTA Victoria
Dr Terry Percival — Neville Roach Laboratory, Kensington